Employee Spotlights

Kidznotes violinist


Robert Gofourth

Robert Gofourth is into metrics. As Vice President of Operational Strategy and Performance here at Blue Cross NC, he has a passion for data and what it means for the people it touches. And that's how he found Kidznotes.

Kidznotes is a nonprofit dedicated to changing the lives of students in need by helping them learn to play musical instruments like the violin or guitar – kids who might not otherwise have the opportunity. And it's been proven to help academically as well.

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TROSA group


Stran Summers

Stran Summers wanted to be involved in his local community. And as a finance guy (Director of Corporate Tax), he needed the opportunity he chose to demonstrate good money management. Triangle Residential Options for Substance Abusers, Inc. (TROSA), a drug rehabilitation therapy community, fit both criteria well, as it's a big part of life in Durham and a tradition for Blue Cross NC Finance leaders.

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Partners for Youth Opportunity

Nicole Rogers

Nicole Rogers is a recent college graduate and now a mentor for teens looking ahead to college and careers. She feels she understands their challenges well, as she's not so very far in age from them.

Rogers meets with her mentee, in person, every month. Together, they check in and Rogers provides guidance to the teen who is still exploring her options for life past high school.

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