Employee Perspectives

Working at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina is not only personally rewarding, it also has a positive impact on the lives of millions of people.

Lauren can work from a local coffee shop, in her cube, or on the treadmill desk. Having flexible work options is part of the recipe for a great workplace: Trust your employees, take pride in what you do and enjoy working with your teammates.

Santana earned her degree on site at Blue Cross NC. You can also Zumba at lunch and put your kids in good hands at our on-site daycare.

Our industry is changing, and Micha says that makes for an exciting time to work at Blue Cross NC. It's also a time of incredible opportunity to make a difference.

Growing up, Chisse wanted to make the world a better place. She says, “At Blue Cross NC, I can make that difference.”

Never be stagnant. Great career advice from our Chief Information Office Jo Abernathy, who says she’s continuously growing and learning.

Valuing others’ differences makes for a productive, authentic work experience. Natania says, “You can bring your whole self to work at Blue Cross NC.”

Will Lindsey

"Blue Cross NC has an opportunity to grow in whatever manner you choose."

     Will Lindsey
     Vendor Management

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